North Grenville District High School’s Climate Action Plan well underway!

 North Grenville District High School’s Climate Action Plan well underway!

~by Cassidy Rolston

At YCAS May 2021, North Grenville District High School secured one of 4 prizes of $500 in seed funding to jump start their Climate Action Plan.  Here is an update on their progress!


Our Eco club at is NGDHS has been hard at work. After YCAS last year, we got straight to work on the court yard. On the first day, we mostly were cleaning up the space with some help from the members of our club. We were really focused on making the space fresh and getting all those erosive weeds out.

On the second day, It was Me (Cassidy) and Eli hard at work trimming the junipers and planting some new local plants that I had bought from our local plant store days prior. I’m happy to say we got all of the work done in those 2 days and the courtyard is looking amazing. We lost a few of the plants over the summer because of some squirrels and birds but we’re looking at some new plants we can put in there. We will be excited to see what returns in the spring next year. And for the outdoor learning space you ask, we bought some comfy chairs and are still waiting on our boards approval of a table because of the small size of the courtyard. When we get approval we’ll be looking in to recycled plastic tables for students to sit at and eat lunch, do school work, or just hang out! NG wants to say a massive thank you for the seed funding.










Among the plants added to the courtyard were native species including milkweed, New England asters and yarrow.


Good luck at YCAS 2022!


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